Dental implants are one of the best options to restore a missing tooth and to give a secure foundation for a denture or crown. A dental implant is that in which a metal post is attached to the jaw bone surgically to provide support to an artificial tooth. Teeth may go missing or get damaged due to several reasons such as injury, infection, or cavities. 

What is the process of dental implants?

The implant has three steps in its process:

  • Inserting the base: An implant is surgically embedded into the jawbone. During a process called osseointegration, the implant would fuse into the jawbone. In the first couple of days, there might be slight tenderness and swelling. So, it is better to prefer a soft food diet such as cold foods and warm soup while healing.
  • Attaching the post:  Once the implant fuses into the jawbone, an abutment or post would be attached to it. Enough time is given for the gums to heal around the post. A second surgical procedure connects the replacement teeth to the post. The implant and post serve as a foundation for the new tooth.
  • Placing the crown:  A customized crown would be attached to the crown. Due to its shape, size, and color, it blends easily with the natural teeth. The crown gets permanently attached to the implant post.

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