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Your search for a dentist in Santa Clara, CA, ends here. At Rivermark Dental, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient experience in our state-of-the-art dental practice. We focus entirely on your smile's well–being and comfort during your appointment. Part of that means establishing a relationship built on trust. When you choose the dentist in Santa Clara, CA, for your dental care needs, you can trust us at every step of the way. We pride ourselves on staying current with the latest developments in the oral health care field. From technology to our treatment options to you, the patient, you can count on us to provide an exceptional experience every time you visit us for care.

Advanced Technology With the Dentist in Santa Clara, CA

Dentist in Santa Clara, CA, keeps up with the latest advancements in dental technology to ensure patients receive the best care possible. As a patient of the dentist in Santa Clara, CA, you have access to numerous high-tech tools that will help prevent dental problems from arising as well as eliminate any that already exist.

Some of the advanced tools and techniques you can expect to receive from our dentist in Santa Clara, CA, include:

Digital X-rays: Modern X-ray machines provide a dentist with high-resolution images within seconds. By exposing you to less radiation than traditional film-based X-rays, digital x-rays allow your dental office to treat you more efficiently.

Intraoral cameras: These handheld cameras are used to take up-close pictures of your teeth and gum line. Our dentist in Santa Clara, CA, can examine these images in real-time during your exam, allowing for more accurate diagnoses, more efficient treatment, and a more comfortable visit for you. 

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