Laser Dentistry and Its Benefits

Posted by DR. CHRISTINE Y. LEE on Jul 30 2020, 10:42 AM

A laser has several applications in the field of dentistry. The treatment using a laser is often less invasive and less painful, making it the more preferred treatment in comparison to the conventional methods. Here are some of the popular uses of laser in dentistry:

Cavity Treatment Using Laser

Cavities are perhaps the most prominent oral condition among individuals of all age groups. They are caused due to the erosion of the enamel by the microbes that decay the underlying tissues. Dentists usually treat cavities by removing the decay using an ultrasonic scaling appliance and wash away the removed debris using a jet of water. This is an invasive process, and patients with hypersensitive teeth may find it uncomfortable. Hence, a laser can be used as an alternative to scaling. A highly intense laser beam can be directed at the tartar deposits and the cavity, which helps to kill the microbes and remove the decay. After this, the dentist can place a filling in the cavity to restore the tooth.

How is periodontitis treated using laser therapy?

Periodontitis is one of the most severe gum diseases and is known to upset the patient's entire oral health. It starts as redness and mild inflammation of the gum tissues and goes on to cause symptoms such as the decay of gums, bleeding, discharge of pus, jawbone deterioration, etc. A laser is used to vaporize the decayed tissues and instantly seal the wound underneath. It is an excellent alternative to conventional gum surgery, where the decayed tissues are cut, and the wound is sealed using sutures. A laser can also be used to get rid of a gummy smile by removing the excess tissues and shaping them accordingly.

Root Canal Therapy Using Laser

A root canal infection occurs when the tooth is decayed severely, and the microbes enter the inner root canal cavity. This leads to the decay of the dental pulp, thereby putting the tooth at risk of being extracted. The conventional treatment for a root canal infection is by making a hole on the infected tooth and extracting the infected pulp using thin dental files. But, using a high-intensity laser, the microbes can be eliminated, and the decay can be removed more easily.

Laser Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile

Having a bright and beautiful smile brings a lot of self-confidence and helps us interact with people more comfortably. Out of the various teeth whitening procedures available today, one of the most effective ones is laser teeth whitening. A photosensitive whitening gel is applied to the teeth and spread evenly. It will be activated using a laser of the right intensity, which helps to speed up the process and render better results. Patients who run on, especially tight schedules, can benefit from laser teeth whitening.

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