Is Invisalign Right for My Teenager?

Posted by DR. CHRISTINE Y. LEE on Mar 11 2022, 10:11 AM

Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed when brushing and flossing your teeth. This makes it easier for your teen to practice good oral hygiene. Rivermark Dental is here to address all of your dental concerns.

Why Invisalign for Teenagers?

Invisalign aligners are clear and less visible than bulky metal braces. If your adolescent is self-conscious about their appearance and dislikes the idea of wearing bulky metal braces, Invisalign may be the right treatment option for them.

Braces contain more hardware than Invisalign aligners. There are brackets and elastics to contend with, which increases the possibility of breakage. Those breakages mean more trips to the orthodontist for repairs, which isn't fun for either the teenager or the parent. So, if your adolescent is physically active or participates in contact sports, Invisalign aligners may be a better option for reducing breakage and appointment hassles.

Because Invisalign aligners use slower and gentler movements than braces, any pain or discomfort experienced will be less severe than with braces. The pain associated with braces is usually mild and short-lived, but it is even milder with Invisalign. If your adolescent is particularly sensitive to pain or discomfort, Invisalign may be the way to go.

Pros of Invisalign for Teenagers

It’s easier for teens to brush and floss without having to maneuver around wires and brackets. This helps to clean and get better oral hygiene.

When teenagers have braces on their teeth, they become self-conscious. Teenagers may not feel as conspicuous because clear plastic aligners are less visible. This may also be beneficial to their mental health.

Less irritable
Traditional braces may cause sore spots inside your mouth where the brackets or wires rub up against the inside of the lips or cheeks. Invisalign will not cause such friction and irritation. This will be a great relief for your teenager.

Fewer disasters
With Invisalign, you won't have to make an emergency appointment with your child's orthodontist to fix something that's broken. 
If your teenager requires orthodontic treatment and you have questions, please contact Rivermark Dental. We are a family-oriented practice that treats people of all ages. We understand that treating your teen during this transitional period can be challenging, so we are here to assist. 

Don't put off getting your adolescent on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles. We are located at 3931 Rivermark Plaza, Santa Clara 95054. For appointments please call us at (408) 988-7788 or email us at 

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