Get A Pearly White Smile With Teeth Whitening

Posted by DR. CHRISTINE Y. LEE on May 7 2020, 07:48 AM

With regular brushing and flossing, you can maintain a healthy and clean smile, but you might also notice some discoloration in your teeth. Teeth discoloration or staining is normal, as it happens due to the food or drinks that we consume, in spite of following proper oral hygiene and care. Everyone wishes to have a whiter smile but isn’t sure about the option they need to use. Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment that can be used in changing the color of natural tooth enamel, and so is also called bleaching. 

What are the types of teeth whitening treatment?

The most commonly used two options for teeth whitening are: 

In-office bleach: In-office bleaching technique can be just done in a single office visit. At first, the dentist examines your teeth. After a thorough examination, the dentist cleans your mouth, removing bacteria, food, and plaque build-up.

Before the whitening process, the dentist applies a protective layer on your gums that prevent the whitening gel from harming your gums. After that, the dentist uses the whitening gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide, and applies it to the enamel of your teeth. This gel gently bleaches the tooth without harming it. 

Advantages of using In-office bleach is that:

  • You can attain faster results.
  • This form of bleaching is safe.
  • The thicker peroxide gels are more controllable to gum and tooth sensitivity.

At-home bleach: At-home bleaching kits can also provide the options to brighten their smile at home. As you visit the dentist, the impressions of your teeth will be taken. The dental technician uses these impressions to fabricate customized plastic trays from the molds. The dentist checks if the trays are fitting you perfectly. If it doesn’t fit comfortably and correctly, it could end up irritating or even damaging your gums.

The dentist will provide all detailed instructions on how to place and use the whitening gel in the custom-tray. The trays should be worn every day or overnight until you get the desired result. You might experience some tooth sensitivity while the trays are in your mouth, but that is completely normal. The sensitivity will go away once you stop bleaching.

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