Common Myths of Root Canal Treatment

Posted by DR. CHRISTINE Y. LEE on Oct 29 2020, 04:05 AM

One of the most straightforward ways to treat the teeth and save them from decaying is root canal treatment, which also helps in relieving your pain. This treatment is usually done for patients whose roots of the tooth are subjected to infection or inflammation. 

The dentist basically removes the pulp present inside the tooth, disinfects it, and places a filling to seal the treated area. 

When the root of the tooth is infected, it has to be treated immediately; if left untreated, the patient may have to go for surgical treatment and be the victim of tooth extraction. 

However, there are some myths associated with the root canal treatment; let us discuss them one by one.

A root canal procedure requires multiple visits. 

In the root canal treatment, the number of visits ranges from 1 to 3 and not more than that; actually, it is the condition of the tooth that determines the number of visits required for the treatment, and people think that extraction of the tooth is easier and quicker compared to a root canal, but in reality, the former requires multiple visits as extraction also involves implant.

A root canal can cause illness. 

The whole purpose of the root canal treatment is to remove the part of the tooth, which is infected with the bacteria and clean it, not to insert the bacteria. The myth that the root canal induces illness into the body is completely fake and has no substantial evidence to prove it. 

The root canal is painful. 

One of the biggest myths associated with the root canal is that it is painful, but in reality, the procedure is done to remove the pain which is caused due to the accumulation of the pulp. In today's time, due to the advancement in technology, equipment, and anesthesia, it can be done painlessly.

A root canal kills the tooth.

It doesn't kill the tooth, but instead, it saves the tooth from getting killed by the bacteria by cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth.

The root canal is not for pregnant women. 

The X-rays involved in the root canal are aimed at the mouth area and the anesthesia used is safe for pregnant women. It's always better to let your dentist know about your pregnancy before the procedure. 

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