Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Posted by DR. CHRISTINE Y. LEE on Aug 18 2021, 04:43 AM

X-rays of your mouth can reveal hidden problems with your teeth, such as cavities, cysts, abscesses, and jawbone damage. They can also show bone loss, impacted teeth, and tumors. Dental X-rays are considered to be safe. Many patients think of radiation when they think of dental X-rays. But dental X-rays expose you to less radiation than you get when you fly cross-country. They are completely safe as long as you follow your dentist’s instructions.

How Do Dental X-rays Work?

The X-ray machine emits a small, safe amount of radiation in order to capture an image of your tooth’s structure. While the radiation is emitted, the machine filters out unnecessary radiation, keeping the patient safe from harm.

What Type of Radiation Exposure do Dental X-rays Expose You To?

The radiation doses emitted from dental X-rays are extremely low. In fact, the radiation you are exposed to from dental X-rays is far less than the amount your body is exposed to during a regular day.

Your dentist also uses protective coverings over your body and thyroid area to protect your body from unnecessary radiation exposure. Additionally, our dentist in Santa Clara only orders dental x-rays when they will be effective in helping to diagnose oral health concerns. This means that your dental x-rays only capture images of the areas in your mouth that are of concern.

What are the Different Types of Dental X-rays?

Intraoral X-rays: These types of X-rays provide images like traditional X-rays, but they are more specialized.

Bitewing X-rays: These X-rays can be taken to reveal decay between the teeth, fractures, periodontal bone loss, and other dental problems.

Periapical X-rays: These X-rays can expose all of the teeth in the jaw from one side.

Occlusal X-rays: These X-rays show the teeth, jaw, and temporomandibular joints.

What Happens if You Avoid X-rays?

When dental professionals recommend X-rays, it’s because they provide valuable insight into your oral health. The pictures allow our team to see deep between your teeth, underneath your gums, and into the roots of your teeth. Seeing these areas helps us plan your treatment, track your progress, and prevent you from receiving unnecessary treatments.

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