5 Signs You Need Dental Implants

Posted by DR. CHRISTINE Y. LEE on Dec 21 2020, 11:31 AM

Many people underestimate the consequences of losing a tooth. Do you know, it doesn't just hamper your smile and confidence, but it affects your oral health and the digestive system as well? The good news is that dentists are aware of this and are actively educating their patients regarding this. 

Today, thanks to new technology developments in dentistry, you can get your lost tooth back by a procedure called Dental Implants. It is a procedure of replacing the lost tooth, which improves the aesthetics of your smile and appearance and functions like a natural tooth. 

If you are not sure about going for dental implants, then we recommend seeing the below-mentioned points, which are the signs that you should opt for dental implants. 

  • Chipped or Missing tooth

Dental implants give the most natural look possible, and it's one of the best ways to get the closest version of the natural-looking tooth. If you have lost a tooth, it is highly recommended that you opt for dental implants as a missing tooth can lead to improper digestion and create speech problems. 

  • Denture's Problem 

There is no doubt that dentures are also one of the best alternatives for getting the lost tooth back. But unfortunately, they don't fit all the patients. In situations like this, it is sensible to opt for dental implants as the dentures' improper fitting can cause severe pain. 

  • Infection Sign 

Some patients can have an infected tooth due to periodontal disease. It doesn't matter how bad the infection is; the patient will be benefited from the dental implants. If the tooth has been infected to such an extent that it cannot be saved, it is advised to go for dental implants as the implant will help the patient relieve the pain. 

  • Jawbone Deteriorating 

If you have lost a tooth for quite a long time, then the jaw bone might get deteriorated by opting for dental implants. It will help replace the tooth structure since these implants are placed directly into the jawbone, and they help in stopping further tooth recession. 

  • Sinking Face 

You might experience that your face might have been caved-in and is giving out a dull appearance if you have a missing tooth. By opting for dental implants, you can get benefited. This sinking in of the skin usually happens when there is a bone loss from the missing teeth. Your dentist will inspect the problem thoroughly and will give out a proper solution for you. 

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